Registration for the Tatton Triathlon was a very relaxed affair. I walked straight up to the table and got my goodie bag, numbers and timing chip – took me all of a minute. I then wandered into transition to find my spot, no ID check then out again. I returned to the car to get the bike and again walked straight into transition with no ID check or mechanical check, let alone ?helmet check.

In eight seasons of triathlon I have never yet wandered in to transition without my ID being challenged (and it happened twice), and can only think of 1 or 2 occasions where no mechnical check has been done. This is really poor. If I had fancied a nice new bike, I’m sure that I could have picked one off a rack and wandered out with it claiming a mechanical problem if countered – no numbering of athletes’ bodies and no numbered wrist bands , (actually the wristbands were numbered, just not obviously) so no means of checking if the bike belonged to me?(so you could check, just no-one bothered)?I only hope that no-one unsavoury noticed this lack of basic security.

I just hope my bike is still there in the morning…