It’s the Tatton Triathlon this weekend: sprints and relays today, Olympic distance tomorrow. The event is only in its second year but I heard good reports about the organisation from last year so thought I’d give it a bash. I couldn’t do Bala Olympic distance so being a flat course, Tatton looked like a good bet.

The training has been going quite well.I haven’t had the motivation to do huge volumes but the sessions I’ve done have all been tough focusing on speed. In particular, I’ve doing some hard efforts on the bike. Will I get anywhere near the magic 40Kph? That’s anybody’s guess. I have no idea how fast I’m going since every bike ride recently seems to have been in the teeth of a strong wind. Great for building strength but does nothing for average speeds.

The weather forecast for Knutsford suggests showers from 11 and a fresh 16kph breeze with a high of 17. Since my wave is off at 8:45 there’s a good chance I’ll dodge the showers. At any rate, the conditions look good though a little less breeze would help.

I’m off to Tatton this afternoon for registration and bike racking (not entirely keen on overnight bike racking at this time of year – I’ll take a few plastic bags, I think). Report and photos later.