20 September 2010 0 Comments

2:30 missed again

There were aspects of my Tatton race yesterday that were very pleasing. I finished 226th out of 734 starters, which puts me comfortably in the top third. My bike split of 1:03:51 was 70th fastest on the day, again, a good result. With my swim being slightly better than usual, and my transition times reasonable, it’s easy to see where I lost the chance of going under 2:30: the run. At 51:23 I was 9 minutes slower than my personal best for the 10k in an Olympic distance race. If I had got anywhere near that time I would have comfortably gone under. I think my relatively poor run performance was due to two things: firstly I had gone very hard on the bike and lost my water bottle on the 3rd lap, so I might have been tired and a little dehydrated when I started the run – it certainly took me a while before I felt comfortable. Secondly, the nature of the run was a major factor. It was effectively a cross country course with lots of undulations, a steep bank or 2 and some very slippery and muddy conditions underfoot, hardly conducive to fast run times. In dry conditions on another day I’m sure I could have found the 5 minutes needed. Ah well…

So that’s the tri season done for 2010. I set a pb for half-ironman at Bala in June including my 1st sub 2hr half marathon in a triathlon on a really tough run course; I knocked 63 minutes off my Ironman time, just missing the 14 hour mark. I also finished 3rd overall at a cycle sportive and set pbs in successive half marathons, all in all, a pretty successful season. I’m off to look at the events database to see if there are any other Olympic races left to have one last crack at that 2:30 mark.


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