This morning, while a certain small nation was having its heart broken by an Irishman with French heritage, I was opening a new chapter in my triathlon life. I was having a swimming lesson. I was approaching this with a degree of trepidation as my half-hearted attempts to teach myself front crawl have led to nothing but frustration. My coach first got me to swim a couple of lengths of breaststroke and commended me in my powerful stroke reckoning that 1:30 for 3.8kms of breaststroke wasn’t too shabby. A length of front crawl soon had me gasping for breath, and so the lessons begin…

By the end of the session I had a couple of drills to work on and was slowing my stroke down significantly and breathing better. A decent start, let’s see how things move forward from here.

'Swimming with Dolphin's' photo (c) 2008, Dolpcom - license: