It is now 4 weeks since I started 1 to 1 swimming lessons with David Drury at Swimtime North Lancs. The big issue with my front crawl was my complete inability to go beyond 25metres without going into massive aerobic debt. In short, I couldn’t breathe. In 4 lessons David has got me slowing my stroke down and rolling to the side to get a decent breath; working on a deeper straight legged kick (instead of the ineffectual fluttering that I was doing) and working on my elbow height and entry into the water. It’s not completely there yet as I’m finding I’m having to concentrate hard on correcting my technique all the time, but it already feels like a vast improvement on what went before. The issue now is getting in the pool often enough to build the muscle memory so I don’t have to think about the stroke anymore. I’m still at the stage where if I correct 1 thing, then another part of the stroke falls apart. Nevertheless, I’m really happy with my improvement and can actually begin to believe that with some regular pool time I’ll be able to build my stroke into something sustainable. Whether it will be faster than my breaststroke remains to be seen.

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