My physio confirmed the worst today: I would be foolish to attempt “A Day in the Lakes“. I have succumbed again to the achilles injury that has dogged me for the last 2 months. After 3 weeks of physio I was confident enough to try a run and on Saturday and I did 20 gentle minutes with no reaction. Suitably encouraged, yesterday I ran for a slightly longer time and, although I felt no immediate reaction, I awoke this morning to a very stiff ankle. It’s not quite back to year zero, but it’s sufficient a setback to be clear that attempting to run an off-road half marathon in 11 days time would be a very risky undertaking.

I’m going to have to reappraise the rest of my season. I haven’t yet entered Challenge Henley in September and wonder whether I’d be better off doing the half ironman distance instead of the full. Maybe I can find some cycle sportives to work on my cycling instead as I seem to be able to do that without any effect on the accursed tendon.

It’s a shame, I was looking forward to “A Day in the Lakes” as a tough event and it feels as though my season is fizzling out before it had got going: a slow duathlon and a DNF in a half-ironman is all I’ve managed to post this year. I’m off to Cyclosport?to check sportive dates.

And walking

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