Back in 2012 I was one of the hundreds of thousands of spectators watching the drama unfold on the banks of the Serpentine in Hyde Park as Alistair Brownlee and his brother Jonny won gold and bronze in the men’s triathlon. The Sunday before last I watched on the television as Alistair won the World Championship Grand Final in Edmonton after a stunning performance on the bike. My wife commented at the time about what nice lads they seemed and we did a bit of Googling about them and their background. We learned about the Brownlee Partnership with Leeds University?and?about their charitable work through events such as the BrownleeTri in Harewood Park on 21st September. All in all they seemed to good to be true, the perfect sons. Surely there has to be a dark side?

Having had that whole conversation and web trawl I was stunned last week to be contacted by the GSK Human Performance Lab?to see if I was interested in asking the boys a few questions via a Google Hangout. For someone who has been doing triathlon for 11 years it was a bit like asking historian Richard Holmes if he fancied interviewing Henry VIII. Then dawned the reality. What could I ask that hadn’t been asked before? How could I expect them to maintain interest if I asked them when were they likely to do an Ironman? So, this is where you lot come in. What questions would you like me to ask the boys? I’ll try and put the best ones to them on Wednesday. Please add your questions via the comments below.

You can watch the Google Hangout live on the Intertubes on Wednesday 10th September at 1:00pm here:?


Photo Credit: Sum_of_Marc via Compfight cc