Yesterday I went out for a spin on my bike. Nothing unusual in that, except for the fact that it was the first ride in 2015 in which I wore a short sleeved jersey. I cannot remember a year where it has been so cold and wet for so long. Not to mention the wind! It seems that for the whole of the month of May this corner of the northwest has been stuck in a stream of endless Atlantic westerlies buffeting and battering everyone who went out on two wheels. In a final f*ck you, as May slid into June we were treated to full on gales and hammering rain.

In many ways I’m glad I delayed the start of my triathlon season from the Beaver in mid-May to this weekend’s Keswick triathlon. I know my fellow club mates had a heck of a battering at the hands of the elements at last weekend’s Outlaw half triathlon, and I don’t think I could have done myself justice had I entered a race that early this year. Until mid April things had been progressing quite well for me. I was consciously doing lots of hill work to build strength, not just for September’s Ironman, but for earlier targets such as the Windmill Race on June 13th and the tough A Day in the Lakes half ironman on June 28th. Just when I wanted to start ramping up the mileage a nasty cold stopped me in my tracks and enforced a 5 day break from all training. Since then I’ve started to build up again but I have struggled with asthma for the whole of May (obviously the cold and windy weather doesn’t agree with me). A visit to the doctor’s this week ?told me that I had a chest infection and needed antibiotics, so although I’ve kept to running and riding, I’ve had to keep the pace down and I’ve gone nowhere near the pool for 3 weeks, let alone swum openwater.

So, the preparation hasn’t been ideal for Sunday’s race, but it’s in a format that should suit me. Although the bike and run are roughly Olympic distance (35km and 10km respectively), the swim is only 750m. So, even if Derwentwater is cold (as I’m pretty sure it will be, given the lack of sun), I won’t be in it for too long. With a complete lap of Derwentwater on the bike and a run over the low fells bordering the lake the scenery should be spectacular. I’m treating this one strictly as a training session and will only go hard if I feel good on the day. I’m itching to get going this year so evn if I’m nowhere near the top of my game it will be great to be on the start line once again. Incidentally, Sunday’s race will be my 40th triathlon start!

keswick triathlon 2008

photo credit: Keswick triathlon via photopin (license)