Ironman Wales on 13th September will be my fourth full Ironman.

Here are the stats and race reports for the previous 3:

Race Date Swim Bike Run Trans Time Report
IM UK 02/08/09 1:46:52 7:32:53 5:23:22 0:22:21 15:05:26 Report
IM UK 01/08/10 1:28:21 6:54:21 5:25:34 0:14:52 14:03:06 Report
IM Regensburg 07/08/11 1:34:36 6:14:05 5:24:36 0:13:21 13:36:28 Report


Over the 3 races I consistently improved my bike times and times through transition while my runs remained remarkably consistent (consistently slow, that is). If you add up the personal bests you get a target of 13 hours 20 minutes. If I get anywhere near this in Wales I will be amazed. I reckon I’ll be closer to my first Ironman time in 2009.