I have just realised that yesterday this blog reached its 10th Birthday. In that time I have posted 495 blogs (if I’d planned this better this would be the 500th post, too). Still, that’s an average of 50 posts a year and about 4 a month. I have never been particularly interested in visitor numbers , but it has always had at least 5,000 visitors a year, a few of whom are move to leave the occasional comment for which I am grateful. However, my prime motivation has always been simply to record my triathlon journey. On the way I have diverted into cycling politics, and even posted an occasional recipe (I’m still waiting for feedback on those), but the core has remained: writing about triathlon, the races I’ve done and advice for would be triathletes.

Thanks for?reading, I hope you found something to on here to divert you for a few minutes.

John Sutton

Lune Valley, December 2015