Tomorrow is the first triathlon of the season for me. I don’t think it’s going to go well. It’s Vital Events’ Southport Triathlon and a flatter and faster course you could not hope to find. Moreover the weather forecast is pretty benign with sunny periods and a light breeze – the wind always being a major concern on an exposed coastal course. I’ve even got experience of the route having come within a whisker of my Olympic Distance personal best last year. So why would I not go fast again tomorrow?

The answer lies in what I did last weekend – the Howgills Trail Half Marathon. The distance wasn’t the issue, my attempt at a speedy descent of Cautley Spout was. Basically, I?hammered my thighs. The next day I could barely walk such was the soreness. Tuesday wasn’t much better and I only managed a gentle 20km recovery ride. By Wednesday I was able to run again and managed a steady 11 kilometres but only after an extensive warm up. I was still feeling it in my thighs on Friday’s 2 hours on the bike. I’ve done as little as possible today and will have a good stretch this evening to see if that loosens everything up a bit.

I won’t be too disappointed if I don’t set a quick time, I’m keeping my eye on the bigger picture. I have the Bala half Ironman in two weeks time, a race I’m returning to after a break of 6 years. Last time I was pleased with my 5 hrs 39 minutes despite some problems with my gears and a really tough run course. Maybe I can get closer to 5:30 this time? But the real target, of course is Ironman UK and that is now only 2 months away!

Working hard to close in on a PB - Southport Tri

Working hard to close in on a PB – Southport Tri

Lots of COLTs are racing this weekend including a couple at Southport, a whole bunch at St Anne’s and 2 taking on the mighty Ironman Lanzarote. For Chris Wild I think it is his 10th Lanza Ironman! Good luck to one and all!