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Dry January

Talk to any cyclist and one of the things they most crave for is a dry January. Not in the sense of laying off the alcohol, you understand, but the lack of precipitation. Rain in summer is one thing, but throw in the cold and dark winter days and nothing is more likely to keep you indoors than freezing cold winter rain.

Luckily, this winter has been quite a dry one with the result that I’ve been getting out on the bike more often than I’m used to. In fact, I’ve almost notched up 500km riding since the turn of the New Year which is more than I’ve managed since records began (for which, read, since I’ve been on Strava). Not only that, but I’ve been swimming, too! My New Year’s Resolution this year was to go swimming at least once a week in an attempt to do something about my terrible swim. At the very least, even if I don’t get much quicker, it should build up a load more resilience so that the efforts I make in the water make a lesser impact on the rest of my race. So far so good.

The downside has been my running has suffered a bit. Not for lack of motivation, but a couple of weeks ago I slipped off my bike when hitting a patch of black ice on a back lane. I was going slowly and didn’t hurt much more than my pride, but I pulled a calf muscle in the process so running dropped off the menu.

Still, it has been an encouraging start to 2017 so long may the absence of rain continue.

Kent Estuary at Arnside on a winter’s afternoon


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