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Jens Voigt: Shut Up Legs!

A quick review of German pro cyclist Jens Voigt’s biography written with James Startt.

Jens Voigt was a cult hero in the peloton with his do or die attitude to breakaways garnering him legions of fans, myself included, despite him never achieving serious greatness through winning a major classic or tour. This book is a very easy read, Jens comes across as a fairly uncomplicated individual who wears his heart on his sleeve. Don’t expect deep insight into the sport, but plenty of anecdotes and opinion. The major downside for me is the discussion on doping. While his anti doping views are well known and well rehearsed here, he doesn’t delve into the issues that must have affected him when personal friends such as Bobby Julich and Stuart O’Grady admitted to doping. He happily discusses the impact of the Festina affair and Operation Puerto on his long career but remains silent when those around him were involved. The cycling omerta is alive and well.

Shut Up Legs on Amazon (no affiliate link)
The Jensie!

My picture of Jens Voigt on the Mall on the prologue of the Tour de France, 2007, CC licenced on Flickr

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