20 March 2017 0 Comments

Doping in amateur sport

The BBC have pushed hard a report that they commissioned into doping in amateur sport. On the face of it the kind of figures that they are quoting are extraordinary and alarming. 50% of the 1000 sportspeople that they questioned believed that doping was widespread. Everyone asked in the survey apparently was either a member of a gym, a sports club or on a sports team. Other standout figures include:

  • 45% of cyclists know someone who has used performance enhancing drugs;
  • 14% of cyclists have used steroids.

And there are plenty of other eye-popping stats in the report linked to above.

The main problem for amateur sport is that participants can take part safe in the knowledge that, short of being discovered and outed by someone, the chances of being caught are vanishingly remote because organised anti doping does not exist at an amateur level. Cases where an athlete has been caught have usually been down to intelligence, such as in the example of Ian Edmonds who was banned for four years for refusing to submit to a blood test. He was caught by UK Border Force


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