20 April 2017 1 Comment

Still Raceless

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the Bigland or Bust Sportive being cancelled and the pressing need to get my act together to sort out my race season. Looking at various events databases made me plump for the Torelli Manchester-Chester-Manchester sportive, a 100 mile jaunt around Cheshire. I got my entry in, but a couple of days ago I got an email, “Event cancelled.” Again, lack of numbers is cited as the reason. I can’t find any other sportive on the same date within a reasonable distance so it looks like I’ll have to organise my own century ride – a double loop of the Ironman UK course looks favourite. Any takers?

I’m wondering if this is just a case of bad luck, or are we starting to see a saturated market for these things. One thing I’m noticing is that there seem to be many, many more sportives down south than in the northwest in particular and I’m thinking that maybe because the northwest is a relatively small region, locals know the good roads well and are less inclined to pay to ride on them. In particular the two main sportives around Lancaster, The Terrier and Wrynose or Bust have both fallen by the wayside despite having excellent routes. The popularity of southern sportives might be due to the willingness of urban populations to travel to the countryside to ride, and the northwest is just a bit too far. I would be interested if anyone else is having problems with event cancellations.

In other news, I have definitely signed up for the Epicman Half Ironman on June 11th. There looks to be a healthy number of entries for the race, so fingers crossed.
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  1. Simon Devereux 2 May 2017 at 10:03 pm #

    Hi John,

    just a thought after reading your latest blog. I’m the one who keeps sharing all the random articles about the ElliptiGo, which I’m using to get me back to fitness after two hip operations. I’ve been in contact quite a bit with the guy who runs the UK side of the company and he has me signed up to do a 200km audax ride in June. A lot of the ElliptiGo riders tend to do audax rides rather than sportives, possibly as the Elliptigo is somewhat slower than a bike and these events are very low key. It caused me to look at the Audax UK website, as I didn’t really have much prior knowledge about that particular type of event and I was amazed at just how many events there are, and quite a few local to us. Possibly something to consider if your struggling to find a sportive that fits the bill. I would say, as an aside, the length of some of the audax rides is absolutely crazy with some up to 600km!. Good luck with your training.

    Regards Simon


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