18 May 2017 0 Comments


Good news! My achilles injury is definitely on the mend. Reading around the subject it seems that calf injuries are increasingly common in athletes as age takes a grip. This chimes with me as I seem to be constantly battling calf strains and ankle injuries. The biological reasons why are not yet understood but a plausible explanation seems to be that it is fast twitch muscles that are lost as ageing progresses and the balance between fast and slow twitch muscles in the calf seem to be affected the most, resulting in injury. Here’s a brief article summarising what is known.

So as a result of this reading and talking to people, in addition to stretching, calf raises, anti inflammatories and rest, I am also:

  • walking backwards and forwards on tip toe;
  • massaging the soles of my feet with a tennis ball to relieve tension in the plantar muscles;
  • adding sorbothane inserts to my shoes and trainers to raise my heel a few millimetres.

I have been walking the dogs with increasing vigour over Caton Moor without any apparent reaction from my achilles, so I think I may try a short run tomorrow!

Spot the dogs – trig point on Caton Moor


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