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The Swim Exporter App

If you have?an Apple Watch 2 and you use Strava you’ll be as frustrated as I am that Strava doesn’t support swimming on the watch. You have to record any swim that you do using the watch’s native Workout app (which works really well), then manually create a new activity in Strava and fill in the details. There is quite a thread developing on the Strava Support forum requesting swim support for Apple Watch 2 and I would urge you to add your name to it. ?However, I have just discovered the Swim Exporter app that connects with Apple Health and Workout data and imports the information into Strava when you record either a pool swim or an openwater swim using the Workout app. It costs ?1.99 and is incredibly simple to use: simply connect it to your Health app and link it to Strava and it will automatically display all swim workouts. To upload a workout to Strava, just click on the workout and click, “Send to Strava”. Job done. The only glitch I could find was that it didn’t allow me to connect to Strava using Facebook authentication so had to use email and password instead.


Apple Store:?https://itunes.apple.com/app/swim-exporter/id1227272243


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