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Brits at Kona

Tri 247 has produced an interesting list of elite British results at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. What’s interesting about this list is the comparative success of the Brit women compared to the men. David McNamee’s 3rd place finish this year was the first time ever a British male has finished on the podium at Kona and he now holds the two fastest ever times for a Brit on the Big Island. Last year his 8:28 time was only good enough for 13th, but still the fastest ever posted by a Brit until his outstanding 8:07 this year.

The women, on the other hand, have a much more stellar history. Obviously this begins with Chrissie Wellington’s 4 world titles and overall course record (beaten in 2013 by Mirinda Carfrae), but is followed honourably by Leanda Cave with her 2011/2012 title double. 6 wins and 6 other podium places for the girls puts the boys well and truly in their place.

What’s the reason? Depth of field? There are many more male pros. Role model? Chrissie Wellington’s efforts in the early 2000’s were a massive breakthrough for women’s triathlon and have proven to be an inspiration to the likes of Leanda Cave and Rachel Joyce. This year’s second place finish for Lucy Charles was also by an athlete with a self professed admiration of Chrissie (see this excellent Guardian piece). Whatever the reason, the relative youth of McNamee and Charles suggests that further improvement is possible and a first male Ironman World Champion is not out of the question, neither are further top step finishes for women.

For the list of all the top British performances at Kona click here.

Chrissie Wellington, Queen of Kona



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