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28 September 2015 0 Comments

My Top Tips for Triathlon Newbies

So you want to do a triathlon? Fantastic, it’s the best sport in the world! But where do you start? All the sage advice and opinions in magazines and online can seem a little overwhelming, intimidating or just over-filled with impenetrable jargon even for relatively seasoned competitors. And cutting through the marketing hype from companies […]

16 January 2014 2 Comments

A Delicate Matter

Saddle sores are no laughing matter. Even super tough pro cyclists have dropped out of the Tour de France when afflicted by a particularly bad case. At the very least, a simple little sore can prevent you cycling for days and cause loads of discomfort. As always, prevention is better than cure, so there are […]

27 September 2013 0 Comments

My favourite piece of tri kit

Creative Commons image by Patrick J Lynch on Flickr In a sport where it’s all too easy to be suckered in to gear-freakism you’d be forgiven for thinking that my favourite piece of tri kit would be a bling carbon fibre bike, a set of deep-section carbon fibre wheels, or a pair of??ber cool Oakley […]

29 September 2009 1 Comment

Learning Race Craft

Triathlon is unusual when compared with other sports in that you have three distinct disciplines to train for and execute in a race, as well as the extra strain of transferring from 1 discipline to another. When you add to the mix the necessary pre-race preparation and organisation, it can make your first triathlon quite […]

26 September 2009 1 Comment

Choosing a race that suits

Updated May 2017 Once you have decided to do a triathlon, you’ve done your research and you’ve chosen your distance, what factors make for an enjoyable race, and a successful first triathlon experience? This post will look at some of the characteristics that make up a triathlon race and some things you might consider when […]

25 September 2009 1 Comment

How to choose your first triathlon

For many people, signing up for a first triathlon is something they do on a whim. Maybe a poster at your local leisure centre has caught your eye, or you watched a race on the telly early one Sunday morning while your early rising toddler attempted to persuade you that a highly energetic game of […]

22 September 2009 10 Comments

Triathlon – the essential kit list

After 8 seasons of triathlon I think I can have a reasonable stab at offering some advice on the kit you need to undertake a triathlon. Given that a triathlon can last from about an hour to fifteen hours you would think that they would need vastly different types of kit, but that’s not really […]