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30 October 2014 2 Comments

Caffe Italia

Part of the ritual for me of going out for a bike ride or a run has always been having a pre-ride espresso. I first mused on this in a blog post about 4 years ago. I bought my first Gaggia about 15 years ago and it churned out dose after dose of the black […]

26 October 2011 0 Comments

Silverdale in the Autumn

  Autumn; everything is winding down for the coming shutdown. The swallows are long gone and trees are in their full auburn glory (actually, the early autumn Atlantic depressions this year has meant that it isn’t a classic in these parts). The last triathlons of the season are done and the offroad triathlon, cyclo-cross, mountain […]

19 September 2011 2 Comments

2011 season wrapped

I was thinking about holding out for one last tri: the Capernwray autumn triathlon is in a couple of weeks time, but I’ve decided against it. The crash I had while running caused an ankle niggle that hasn’t gone away and I’ve had a bit of a lower back problem for a few months. Time […]

16 August 2011 0 Comments

The Ultimate Breakfast for Athletes

My family knows well that my favourite breakfast is solitary, with some fine espresso and some of the best croissants you can find with homemade jam, of course. Suffice it to say that breakfast is not the finest hour of my day and my kids know well that waiting until I’ve been fed and watered […]

14 March 2011 0 Comments

A new contender emerges

My love of espresso coffee is well known among my friends. The day rarely starts without firing up the Baby Gaggia for a couple of shots of the dark intensity, and I never contemplate a hard training session without a hit. I wrote about my favourite coffee haunts last year and didn’t pass up the […]

10 August 2010 8 Comments

The best coffee in south Manchester, if not Britain?

It is always a source of wry amusement to me as to why cyclists from across the Big Pond seem obsessed with all things Italian. It seems that it is not enough to love your bike, you have to love the Italian lifestyle, Campagnolo, Castelli, Colnago, salami, espresso… A quick read of the popular American […]