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6 February 2015 0 Comments

Steve McNamara and the London Taxi Drivers’ Association

So the leader of London’s Taxi Driver’s says that cyclists are London’s equivalent of ISIS. I’ll skate over the grossly offensive nature of this comment and point out to him that cyclists don’t kill people, aggressive and dangerous driving does. I don’t condone running red lights on a bicycle any more than I do in […]

20 March 2014 0 Comments

Cycling to School in Caton

Living in a small village, as we do, means that on most days, weather and work schedule permitting we are able to cycle to school. Me being dad, and Hannah, almost 10 on her bike, and Luke (6) on the tagalong behind me. We have to cross a main road (this morning it took almost […]

4 February 2014 0 Comments

Perception of Risk

If you have read any media in the last few months you will have been struck by the huge attention given to the rash of deaths of cyclists on London’s roads this winter. It doesn’t really help to point out that cycling on roads (and driving) have become progressively safer over the years (see this […]

14 May 2012 0 Comments

Feeding the Trolls

The Institute of Advanced Motorists are exactly the sort of people you expect to be treating cyclists with respect out on the road. Or so I thought. In today’s Guardian Peter Walker published a damning critique of a survey conducted by the IAM about cyclists and red light jumping. Here is the IAM’s story on […]

4 April 2012 1 Comment

Infographic on cycle injury claims

Infographics are a modern and cool way of displaying data. They’ve been around for a long time but have gained new popularity in the internet age through crowd sourcing projects and information designers like David McCandless. So, when a twitter colleague alerted me to this graphic I thought I’d share it. Note, it’s promoting a […]

2 February 2012 0 Comments

Times publishes manifesto to prevent cycling deaths

After a spate of recent accidents involving death and critical injury to cyclists The Times has launched a manifesto for cycling safety. In part this was prompted by the critical injury to one of their own staff: Mary Bowers. Nevertheless, whatever the motive it’s a welcome change to the usual cyclist bashing nonsense that appears […]

25 October 2010 0 Comments

The success of Boris’ Bikes

The arrival of 6,000 bikes on the streets of our capital city might seem like a drop in the ocean compared to the actual amount needed to tackle the problems of carbon emissions from cars, congestion and driver attitude to cyclists, but the Transport for London Cycle Hire Scheme has been an undoubted success racking […]

24 September 2010 4 Comments

The Helmet Debate

It’s compulsory for every cycling blog to wade into the “Helmet Debate” at some point. I nearly did a month ago when the Northern Ireland Assembly were due to debate whether the wearing of cycle helmets should be made compulsory. Now I have to give it my tuppence worth because, apparently, the road charity, Brake, […]

24 August 2010 3 Comments

Sorry mate, I didn’t see you

It was January 26th when I got knocked off my bike by a muppet who turned across the road in front of me. Judging by the shrieks of onlookers it must have looked pretty spectacular, but in truth, I rolled perfectly, my rucksack took the impact on the windscreen and I ended up in the […]