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31 August 2015 0 Comments

My Ironman History

Ironman Wales on 13th September will be my fourth full Ironman. Here are the stats and race reports for the previous 3: Race Date Swim Bike Run Trans Time Report IM UK 02/08/09 1:46:52 7:32:53 5:23:22 0:22:21 15:05:26 Report IM UK 01/08/10 1:28:21 6:54:21 5:25:34 0:14:52 14:03:06 Report IM Regensburg 07/08/11 1:34:36 6:14:05 5:24:36 0:13:21 […]

30 July 2010 1 Comment

The Challenge for Ironman UK

Last year Ironman UK came in for quite a bit of criticism for a perceived lack of organisation in its first go at the new venue in Bolton. To be fair, a lot of this was unwarranted, and even the best of organisations would have struggled to cope with the sheer volume of water that […]

16 November 2009 12 Comments

Ironman Training

How much training is needed to finish an Ironman? It’s a complex question which many experienced coaches have written books about. I’ve never had a coach and never studied sports science, so anything I might write about this is based purely on my own experience and looking at my own training diary. Simon Lewis, whose […]

24 August 2009 1 Comment

My Ironman in Pics

I used Animoto to create this cool slideshow of my recent Ironman. They’ve just added a video upload feature to Animoto, so I’ve added a couple of iPhone video clips too.

12 August 2009 1 Comment

Ironman Recovery

I’d heard all kinds of dire predictions about the recovery from Ironman including serious delayed onset muscle soreness and post-race depression. In my case I was pleasantly surprised. The muscle soreness, though bad, was nothing like as horrible as I expected, certainly no worse than my first half-ironman race. I passed the walking downstairs test […]

5 August 2009 8 Comments

How did my race plan work out?

As a teacher you are constantly taught to be reflective of your practice, and I find this trait carries over effectively into my hobby. Analysing race performances has enabled me, for example, to knock over 45 minutes off my time for Wimbleball (UK Ironman 70.3) and has improved my recovery post race massively. So it’s […]

4 August 2009 6 Comments

Should we cut the organisers of IMUK some slack?

Image used with permission of Martin Harrison I’ve just come off the phone after a long phonecall with Alison from IMUK about my previous blog post. She rang me, apparently, as someone with a “voice of reason”. In the context of what must have been an absolutely exhausting weekend for the organisation team I’m not […]

4 August 2009 7 Comments

Was Ironman UK really an organisational disaster?

To read the thread on Tritalk about Ironman UK, you would have thought that the event was a disaster. Yet it was sold out months beforehand and every finisher I came across had that wiped out, but happy look on their faces. In many ways, you had to feel sorry for the organisers – the […]

3 August 2009 8 Comments

My Ironman

Lest you think that Ironman is an individual challenge, consider the sacrifices of family and friends. Since last October Kirsty has had loads of extra lone parenting while I disappeared on my bike for hours on end, Grandma and Grandad have done lots of extra childcare to fit in extra training sessions and everyone has […]

3 August 2009 1 Comment

Day of Days

Comparing an Ironman race with the ultimate sacriface made by so many on D-Day might be a bit lame, but for 1200 athletes, including a 73 year old from New Zealand, a 59 times Ironman competitor, a youngest ever Ironman champion, and me, it was indeed a day of days. For a sport that only […]

31 July 2009 1 Comment


That’s my bib number. The latest forecast is looking good: light winds overcast and about 16 degrees with the possibility of an isolated shower. I’ve got most of my gear sorted and tomorrow morning I’ll be off to registration. It’s all becoming very real now. That dim and distant target that I blithely signed up […]

29 July 2009 2 Comments

Ironman Weather

Here’s the latest long range weather forecast for Sunday’s Ironman: Considering it’s the beginning of August and the Met Office originally predicted a heatwave (on which they seem to be backtracking), I don’t think that we could have asked for better weather. I won’t be needing the salt supplements. Here is a link to the […]

23 July 2009 2 Comments

At last, I’ve ridden the route

Please note, I’ve edited the map with some more spectator info and corrected a mistake. I take no responsibilty for the accuracy of my observations and maps. This morning I rode the bike route in nice conditions – cloudy and light winds with the occasional breakthrough of sunshine. There was, of course, the inevitable deluge […]

22 July 2009 11 Comments

The Ironman UK Bike Course – my impression

Note: the bike course has changed quite a bit since this article was written although the sections to Chorley remain the same. Despite living less than 30 miles from Bolton, yesterday was the first day when I had a chance to go and actually ride the course. Unfortunately, when I got there the weather was […]

21 July 2009 1 Comment

Ironman Bike Course Recce

Key: Yellow – start; Red – course points; Blue – Spectator info I take no responsibility for any mistakes on this map. This map is a work in progress as I am having difficulty uploading the official KML file from the Ironman website. I’d be very pleased to receive any more info to add to […]