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31 August 2015 0 Comments

My Ironman History

Ironman Wales on 13th September will be my fourth full Ironman. Here are the stats and race reports for the previous 3: Race Date Swim Bike Run Trans Time Report IM UK 02/08/09 1:46:52 7:32:53 5:23:22 0:22:21 15:05:26 Report IM UK 01/08/10 1:28:21 6:54:21 5:25:34 0:14:52 14:03:06 Report IM Regensburg 07/08/11 1:34:36 6:14:05 5:24:36 0:13:21 […]

10 August 2010 3 Comments

Ironman UK 2010: how did my race plan work out?

After Ironman UK 2009 I took a hard look at how my race worked out and came to some fairly clear conclusions: I needed to do some over distance swims and some swim/bike bricks to lessen the impact of the swim on my bike split; I needed to radically overhaul my nutrition plan to try […]

9 August 2010 0 Comments

Some reflections on Ironman UK 2010

It’s just over a week since I finished Ironman UK and I’m in a reflective mood as I look back on the event. How did my race compare to the previous year? And, how did the race organisation fare after the criticisms of 2009? This first post will consider the raceday experience from the organisational […]

3 August 2010 2 Comments

Which is the world?s toughest Ironman?

As I was browsing for stuff about Ironman I came across this interesting piece ranking the 23 Ironman courses according to the average time to ride the 112 mile bike course. Guess what, ?Ironman UK came out as having the slowest average bike time and is therefore rated as the toughest bike course. There are, […]

3 August 2010 9 Comments

Ironman UK 2010, my race

One of the main motivations I had for lining up for my 2nd Ironman was to try and use the experience I had gained last year to improve my performance. In 2009 my finish time was 15:05:26, but I felt I was fit enough to have gone quite a bit faster: a combination of knee […]

30 July 2010 1 Comment

The Challenge for Ironman UK

Last year Ironman UK came in for quite a bit of criticism for a perceived lack of organisation in its first go at the new venue in Bolton. To be fair, a lot of this was unwarranted, and even the best of organisations would have struggled to cope with the sheer volume of water that […]

27 July 2010 4 Comments

Countdown to Raceday! #IMUK

Nothing left to do now, just the little pre race rituals: print off the kit list; sort the piles of kit into the different disciplines; decide how many gels to carry; decide I’m carrying too many gels and put some back in the drawer; decide I’m not carrying enough and add a few more back […]

27 July 2010 5 Comments

Spectating at #IMUK 2010

Ironman UK based in the Wigan/Bolton/Chorley area takes place this Sunday, 1st August. Some of the world’s top triathletes as well as hundreds of challenge competitors like me will be taking part. Why not get out on the course and watch! Watching an Ironman and supporting friends and family can be almost as taxing as […]

25 July 2010 3 Comments

1 week to go

By this time next Sunday I should be well into the marathon element of Ironman UK. The preparation has not gone according to plan, but I’m now feeling reasonably relaxed about the thing: I’ll give it my best shot. The road closure notices are up around the course and I’ve just got 1 more training […]

21 July 2010 4 Comments

Ironman UK 2010 Annotated Map

I’ve created a digital map of Ironman UK 2010 in an attempt to put information about all the courses and venues in a single place. It’s by no means finished and I will continue to update it over the next few days. All the notes on it are my own. I make no warranty about […]

18 July 2010 2 Comments


Ironman UK is only 2 weeks away. Am I ready? Am I f***! When I signed up for my 2nd Ironman we hadn’t planned on moving house. I knew this would have a big impact on my training schedule, and so it proved, but I hadn’t bargained on the obstacles that have appeared since! These […]

14 July 2010 2 Comments

Ironman UK: the new bike loop 2010

Well, we’ve finally moved in to our new abode in Whittle-le-Woods, Chorley. Despite all the disruption and hard work, I have managed a couple of bike rides on the revised bike loop. So here goes with a description. Sheephouse Lane to Belmont The climb over Winter Hill is never too steep – I’ve been doing […]

2 January 2010 3 Comments

2010 here we come

I think I’ve covered what I did in 2009 in altogether too much detail in previous posts, so I’m not going to review it again in my end of year/beginning of year post. Instead I’m going to look forward to 2010. I briefly toyed with the blogger 365 meme (i.e. a blogpost every day for […]

7 December 2009 2 Comments

Ironman UK 2010 Run Route

Here’s the run route for 2010. My first observations are that you have got a long 11 mile run to get back to the old course from last year’s route, a lot of which is along A roads and along the returning bike leg which will make for interesting traffic management (which was one of […]

7 December 2009 0 Comments

Ironman UK 2010 bike route

Here is the bike route for Ironman UK 2010 on Mapmyride. Only the top section of the course from Rivington onwards remains the same as this year’s course. All the lanes around Croston have been cut in favour of a long southerly leg on the A49 which significantly improves the road surface of the route […]