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25 April 2011 0 Comments

The best 3 hour ride in Britain?

3 hours is a good distance for a training ride. It’s long enough to get you tired if you work really hard, but short enough to recover from fairly quickly; long enough to think that you’ve been out for a decent ride, but short enough to squeeze in on a summer evening after work. Having […]

19 April 2011 1 Comment

The best laid plans


13 March 2011 3 Comments

Found out!

At least the Weather Gods kept their promise. Saturday was cool and dry with just a light breeze to resist forward momentum. I arrive at Poynton High School in plenty of time for the start, got registered and bumped in to Jon, the proprietor of the Bicycle Smithy – the bike shop I frequented so […]

13 September 2010 1 Comment

Los Lagos de Covadonga

Image under a Creative Commons license on Flickr by Coubert Being half Spanish, as a child I would spend the summer holidays visiting my mum’s family in Asturias on the rugged northern coast of Spain. Back in the 70’s Spain was still in the sway of the ageing dictator, Franco (and my Tio Antonio still […]

14 July 2010 2 Comments

Ironman UK: the new bike loop 2010

Well, we’ve finally moved in to our new abode in Whittle-le-Woods, Chorley. Despite all the disruption and hard work, I have managed a couple of bike rides on the revised bike loop. So here goes with a description. Sheephouse Lane to Belmont The climb over Winter Hill is never too steep – I’ve been doing […]

18 April 2010 11 Comments

3 Shires Sportive

After my recent bout of running it was imperative that I got my cycling going again. I had chosen the 3 Shires sportive today based in Macclesfield as the event of choice. It promised a hilly 100km parcours without any of the really steep hills that the Peak District can offer. Ideally I would have […]

14 March 2010 4 Comments

The Jodrell Bank Cyclosportive

The cord snapped. Cycling is a cruel sport. Watching a group of cyclists moving in harmony rotating turns on the front can be mesmerising. It all seems so fast, so smooth, so effortless. Pity then that you couldn’t read my heartrate monitor trace which was rapidly heading upwards to a point where there was only […]

20 September 2009 2 Comments

The Hazel Grove Hilly

Spitefully, the last day of summer dawned with the deepest of blue skies beloved of romantic novelists describing lovers wistfully staring heavenwards from cornfields. It was summer behaving like a spoilt brat, “I could have been like this throughout July and August, you know,” she taunted. Local arguments over footie bragging rights notwithstanding, the day […]

14 June 2009 2 Comments

Hardest isn’t always best

It didn’t rain. Hurrah! Actually, as I descended towards Bentham I was looking at some dark clouds and I’m sure I felt a single spot. Certainly, there were a few damp patches on the road after that, so it must have rained at some point in the recent past. Trouble was, the day got hotter […]

27 April 2009 1 Comment

A ride of two halves

On Saturday I repeated my ride from Hazel Grove to Hest Bank (near Morecambe). The first time I tried it this year there was snow on the hills above Bury and I gave up at my conveniently situated brother-in-laws in Clitheroe – the cold temperatures, glowering clouds over the Pennines and my shocked legs suggested […]