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16 September 2016 0 Comments

Like a moth to the flame

Like a moth to the flame I am drawn to any blog, newspaper article concerning cycle safety. I often can’t help myself and try to engage with the more ignorant and hateful comments in the inevitable bile that follows such posts. It’s rarely worth it. For the record, as part of my job I drive […]

22 November 2013 1 Comment

I’ve had better weeks

Saturday began normally enough – me taking the kids to Stagecoach; a whizz around Sainsbury’s; visit the recycling centre; walk up to the local butchers and so on. It was when I found myself sitting on my arse next to the zebra crossing in the village that things started to go wrong. I’d been hit […]

14 May 2012 0 Comments

Feeding the Trolls

The Institute of Advanced Motorists are exactly the sort of people you expect to be treating cyclists with respect out on the road. Or so I thought. In today’s Guardian Peter Walker published a damning critique of a survey conducted by the IAM about cyclists and red light jumping. Here is the IAM’s story on […]

4 April 2012 1 Comment

Infographic on cycle injury claims

Infographics are a modern and cool way of displaying data. They’ve been around for a long time but have gained new popularity in the internet age through crowd sourcing projects and information designers like David McCandless. So, when a twitter colleague alerted me to this graphic I thought I’d share it. Note, it’s promoting a […]

5 March 2012 3 Comments

Eric Ollerenshaw MP

My local MP is Eric Ollerenshaw (Con) and I wrote to him recently to ask him to do 2 things. Firstly I wanted him to sign a non-party political Early Day Motion on promoting the Times cycle safety campaign. Secondly I wanted him to attend the Backbench debate held in Westminster Hall on cycle safety […]

25 February 2012 1 Comment

Car Drivers Are All Morons

photo credit: tranchis via photopin cc Sorry, it’s true. This week saw the much vaunted Back Bench debate on cycling safety attended by 71 MPs which apparently is a very decent turnout for such events. I wrote to my MP, Eric Ollerenshaw requesting him to attend the debate and sign Early Day Motion 2689 supporting […]

22 February 2012 0 Comments

Write to your MP

MP for Cambridge, Julian Huppert, has tabled an Early Day Motion to demonstrate Parliament’s support for the Times #cyclesafe campaign which I wrote about earlier this month.?Please use to write to your MP to ask them to sign the Early Day Motion and to attend the important depate on cycle safety on Thursday afternoon […]

22 November 2011 5 Comments

All cyclists jump red lights and menace pedestrians

Rants against cyclist in the popular press take an all to depressingly familiar tone. Even if, as this Guardian “Bike Blog” piece, facts are presented to try and make a fair case, it only takes a quick scan down to the comments section before the familiar trolls take over. The common complaints seem to be: […]

2 March 2011 0 Comments

Has it really come to this?

The “car driver v cyclist” conflict has long been a lazy journo’s delight, guaranteed to raise hackles on any local radio phone-in. Is it really worth pointing out that: Most cyclists pay vehicle excise duty, as they own a car; Vehicle Excise Duty is a license to pollute, not a license to use a rod; […]

24 September 2010 4 Comments

The Helmet Debate

It’s compulsory for every cycling blog to wade into the “Helmet Debate” at some point. I nearly did a month ago when the Northern Ireland Assembly were due to debate whether the wearing of cycle helmets should be made compulsory. Now I have to give it my tuppence worth because, apparently, the road charity, Brake, […]

24 August 2010 3 Comments

Sorry mate, I didn’t see you

It was January 26th when I got knocked off my bike by a muppet who turned across the road in front of me. Judging by the shrieks of onlookers it must have looked pretty spectacular, but in truth, I rolled perfectly, my rucksack took the impact on the windscreen and I ended up in the […]

20 March 2010 4 Comments

Cyclist kills pedestrian: major headlines result

As I write this on a damp Saturday morning, the 2nd most read story on the BBC news site is the arrest of a cyclist who allegedly killed a pedestrian in Camden on 21st Feb. Note that the cyclist in question hasn’t even been charged with anything yet. Last year I wrote a blog post […]

1 October 2009 10 Comments

Don’t pick on me

There seems to be a rash of cyclist bashing going on of late. Celebrity chef, James Martin has led the way with his ill considered confession that he ran cyclists off the road while driving a sportscar. Whether this ever actually occured or was simply a fantasy is not clear. The response has been all […]