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8 June 2017 1 Comment

The Swim Exporter App

If you have?an Apple Watch 2 and you use Strava you’ll be as frustrated as I am that Strava doesn’t support swimming on the watch. You have to record any swim that you do using the watch’s native Workout app (which works really well), then manually create a new activity in Strava and fill in […]

30 January 2017 0 Comments

Dry January

Talk to any cyclist and one of the things they most crave for is a dry January. Not in the sense of laying off the alcohol, you understand, but the lack of precipitation. Rain in summer is one thing, but throw in the cold and dark winter days and nothing is more likely to keep […]

14 November 2011 20 Comments

Something I hadn’t bargained for

The switch from breaststroke to front crawl has had a side effect I hadn’t quite expected. The 2 strokes are quite different in that the main propulsion in breaststroke is from your leg kick, and for front crawl the primary function of the leg kick is for stability (at least it is for distance swimmers). […]

9 November 2011 4 Comments

Swim Update

It is now 4 weeks since I started 1 to 1 swimming lessons with David Drury at Swimtime North Lancs. The big issue with my front crawl was my complete inability to go beyond 25metres without going into massive aerobic debt. In short, I couldn’t breathe. In 4 lessons David has got me slowing my […]

15 October 2011 0 Comments

A New Chapter

This morning, while a certain small nation was having its heart broken by an Irishman with French heritage, I was opening a new chapter in my triathlon life. I was having a swimming lesson. I was approaching this with a degree of trepidation as my half-hearted attempts to teach myself front crawl have led to […]

15 September 2011 0 Comments

The Open Water Blues

Open Water seems to be the new black. David Walliams’ incredible efforts in swimming the length of the Thames and his previous Channel crossing have been perhaps the most outward expression of its burgeoning popularity. At the Beijing Olympics the men’s 10km open water swim was one of the most compelling events in the whole […]

11 September 2011 3 Comments

Negative Vibes

Slap! The wave hit me full in the face just as I took a breath. Lungful of water. Can’t breathe. Heart racing. Trying to snatch breaths, beginning to hyperventilate. Wait, there’s a canoe over there I can just roll on to my back and put my hand in the air like the guy behind me […]

21 August 2011 1 Comment

The Swim Conundrum

I’ve always been very open about the fact that I’m a useless swimmer. Actually I can swim breaststroke reasonably well, well enough to have successfully negotiated 3 Ironman swims, but every time I have the temerity to try front crawl I am gasping and out of breath within 25 metres. Once or twice people have […]