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18 May 2017 0 Comments


Good news! My achilles injury is definitely on the mend. Reading around the subject it seems that calf injuries are increasingly common in athletes as age takes a grip. This chimes with me as I seem to be constantly battling calf strains and ankle injuries. The biological reasons why are not yet understood but a […]

2 May 2017 0 Comments

The Tendinitis Curse Strikes

5 years ago I got a nasty case of tendinitis in my left achilles tendon. The stats speak for themselves. That year I managed a miserly 157km of running with long gaps between. It was brought on by an over ambitious attempt at a fast 10k road race in which I hadn’t warmed up sufficiently. […]

18 April 2017 1 Comment

Running Problems

2016 was the strongest running year I’ve had since staring triathlon 14 years ago. I ran 1,302km over the course of the year and smashed my Ironman marathon best at Ironman UK. I also managed something that I never have before, and that was to run every day for a whole month, notching up 272km […]

2 November 2016 0 Comments

31 runs in 31 days

In late September two things were happening: Ben Smith was close to completing his incredible 401 marathons in 401 days challenge (he finished on October 5th) and a friend of mine, Raj, was close to notching up his 300th day of consecutive runs (he’s still going strong). Earlier this year I blogged about Raj and […]

18 October 2016 0 Comments

Last Lancaster Trail Half?

Over the last few years the Lancaster Trail Half Marathon has become my traditional end of season race. This year’s however, may well be the last, as the field has been getting smaller every year. I’m not sure why this would be, as it’s an excellent course, mostly flat with a bit of a sting […]

27 May 2016 1 Comment

Apple Watch as Training Aid

Being a hopelessly tech addicted family I suppose it wasn’t that surprising that my dearest wife thought that an Apple Watch would make an ideal Christmas present for me. Although having done the usual thing of having said we weren’t going to be buying each other expensive presents this year, and me having done the […]

13 May 2016 0 Comments

Fell Racing

On Sunday I’m on the start line for the Howgills Trail 13 race. This is going to be a hilly one. The Howgill fells are fabulous grassy fells above the small town of Sedbergh on the eastern fringes of the Lake District. Once you are on the tops it’s great becuase you can run from […]

4 March 2016 0 Comments

Injury Strikes

I only have myself to blame…and Strava. 2016 had started well, I was up on my training numbers from previous years and had even started to do some mileage on the bicycle. I was aware that I probably needed to step it back for a week or so as one or two niggles had started […]

21 January 2016 0 Comments

Banishing the Winter Blues

After the wettest December ever recorded I would forgive any athlete from hanging up their shoes and sitting inside peering out at the rain until the spring arrived. However, with Ironman UK coming up in mid July I seem to have found the motivation to keep going out. Admittedly, the bike has remained in the […]

14 June 2015 0 Comments

A Bit of a Brute

After a long wait until the start of the season for me, the races are now coming thick and fast. Yesterday was the Windmill Race, a new addition to the annual Caton Gala. This is a popular village event with parades, fair, displays and stalls, though in the last couple of years it has been […]

4 May 2015 0 Comments

All Change

Having thought that my race calendar would basically follow the same as last year, I’ve decided that I’m not ready for the Beaver Triathlon on 16th May so I’ve changed my races for the summer. I’m going to start with the Olympic distance at Keswick on 7th June. This should be good practice for the […]

27 March 2015 1 Comment

4 Years Older

I was rooting around in a drawer this morning and found my Ironman medals. It is now 4 years since I finished Ironman Regensburg. A nasty achilles injury ruined 2012 (a dnf, a dns and one late season tri was all I managed). 2013 wasn’t much better – trying to properly rehabilitate the achilles meant […]

8 February 2015 3 Comments

A Beautiful Morning for a Run

-4? C read the temperature gauge on my car as I drove down a foggy Lune Valley to the M6 this morning. I was heading to Grizedale Forest Park for a trail half marathon. I was hoping that the sun would burn the fog away but as I pulled into the carpark nearly an hour […]

6 February 2015 0 Comments

2015 starts here

For the last 10 years I have started my season no earlier than late March, usually with a short sportive such as the Jodrell Bank. I’m mixing things up a bit this year. Through the winter I’ve been doing quite a bit of running and very little cycling. The weather has been partly to blame […]

11 December 2014 0 Comments

Hi viz versus Proviz

The idea that simply donning a fluorescent yellow jacket somehow bestows upon you a level of hitherto unknown invulnerability is a concept that has long wound me up to a tee. Flourescent hi-visibility clothing has little or no proven impact on safety for pedestrians or cyclists alike. A recent study showed that wearing hi viz […]