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7 June 2016 0 Comments

Trying to find the positives

With the mercury hitting 27?C in the afternoon, Sunday’s Bala triathlon was always going to be tough. I finished, but my time of ?6:12:57 was slow. Last time I did this race (2010) the conditions were much cooler and I hit the tape in a much more respectable 5:39:46.? Looking at my split times it’s […]

18 April 2016 0 Comments

Building Up To Bolton

The season is coming together quite nicely at the moment. Aside from some super stiff calf muscles from running too hard on the flat I’ve managed to remain pretty much injury free. My mileage for both running and cycling is well ahead of last year (we’ll skate over the swimming, as usual) and the events […]

2 December 2015 1 Comment

My Favourite Triathlons

Updated November 2015 and first published in 2010 These are my favourite triathlons. Most of them I’ve done more than once, and you’ll notice that they are all lake or reservoir swims (except Windsor, which is a river swim, and Wales which is a sea swim). They also all have countryside based bike legs. Not […]

19 September 2011 1 Comment

2011 – character building

For the 3rd season in a row my race season was dominated by an Ironman race. Where the season differed was in the build up; I raced more triathlons, including a half ironman, and did fewer cycle sportives. I also moved house again, this time up to the village of Caton, near Lancaster. This enabled […]

11 September 2011 3 Comments

Negative Vibes

Slap! The wave hit me full in the face just as I took a breath. Lungful of water. Can’t breathe. Heart racing. Trying to snatch breaths, beginning to hyperventilate. Wait, there’s a canoe over there I can just roll on to my back and put my hand in the air like the guy behind me […]

10 September 2011 0 Comments

When the best laid plans come awry

2 years ago this weekend I was racing at Bala. Every year I like to do an end of season Olympic distance race, mainly for fun, but also to make use of the big base of fitness you develop from doing Ironman and half-ironman races. Last year I did Tatton instead because it was closer […]

4 September 2011 0 Comments


Next Sunday is my annual attempt to break the hour barrier in an Olympic distance triathlon, for the bike segment, you understand, not the whole thing. Last year I managed 1:03 and change at Tatton on a course that was slightly under the 40km, and the year before I did 1:07 at Bala on a […]

30 December 2010 0 Comments

The Menu for 2011

2011 will be my 9th triathlon season and will be marked by my first event outside the UK. On August 7th I’ll be lining up for Ironman Regensburg in Germany. This will be my 3rd Ironman and I’m hoping that I can improve my time again and head towards the 13 hour mark. To that […]

14 June 2010 3 Comments

Full on Bala Experience

What a contrast to last September when the conditions were benign, sunny and still, and Llyn Tegid was as calm as a Constable millpond. Yesterday there was a blustery wind blowing across the lake promising strong headwinds on the outbound section of the bike course, and the occasional heavy shower sweeping through. At least the […]

11 June 2010 2 Comments

Playing catch up

I have neglected my blog for a couple of weeks as various events swallowed more time and caused more stress than I ever thought possible. Top of the list is trying to move house – finding a school in Lancashire that is not full has proved to be a much harder task than you would […]

18 May 2010 5 Comments

Time Trial Time

Having got the non-appearance at the Fred Whitton out of my system I’m rapidly switching my focus to triathlon My next event is the Bala half-ironman in mid June and I’m hoping to put in a respectable performance. This means three things from a training point of view: Actually doing some swimming; Bike/run bricks; Time […]

14 September 2009 9 Comments

The Plan was a Simple One…

Yesterday was the Bala standard distance triathlon. I was confident of setting a personal best for the distance after equalling my pb back in June at the Dambuster – 2:42:29. Bala’s bike course is a fast one and I had already set my pb bike split on this course back in 2004 (1:13:57) and the […]

2 September 2009 1 Comment

Hard Yards

It’s less than 2 weeks to the Bala triathlon and I’m finding the training tough. The problem is that although I’m well rested after the Ironman and have loads of stamina, I’ve got no speed. And gaining speed means only one thing: sprint reps. I’m fartleking around the roads of Hazel Grove on foot; doing […]