As a regular competitor in sportives and triathlons I don’t normally fundraise. I think folk would quickly get fed up if everytime I did a sportive I came knocking on their door waving the collecting tin. However, Ironman UK is a landmark event for me and something I’ve been building up to ever since starting triathlon 7 years ago. So, I decided that I ought to make a small effort at raising some charitable funds to mark the occasion.

After some thought and discussion I decided to support the Behcet’s Syndrome Society. I have a brother-in-law who has been diagnosed with the condition and I know only too well how badly it can affect his life whenever it flares up. It’s a little known condition, and part of the reason I chose this cause is to raise awareness of it.

Visit the Behcet’s Syndrome Society website

Facts about the condition

Behcet’s Disease on Wikipedia

I ended up raising ?450 for the Society, not bad for just a few blog posts and tweets. Many thanks to everyone who sponsored me.

Thanks for reading this, and your support,