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I started this blog in 2005, no sign of stopping yet.

17 March 2017 0 Comments

The Season Rolls On

Sunday sees me at the Jodrell Bank Sportive in Cheshire. I’ve done this a few times including both the short (50 mile) and full (80 mile) variants and it’s an event I very much enjoy. The organisers recognise that for an early season ride you don’t need killer hills or excessive mileage. Leave the ton […]

6 March 2017 0 Comments

A Busy Couple of Weeks

Yesterday was my first race of the 2017 season. I had intended doing the Grizedale Trail Race at the beginning of Feb but I forgot to enter and by the time I remembered it had sold out. Ho, hum. As it turned out, I had a nasty cold and a calf strain in the week […]

9 February 2017 0 Comments

Jens Voigt: Shut Up Legs!

A quick review of German pro cyclist Jens Voigt’s biography written with James Startt. Jens Voigt was a cult hero in the peloton with his do or die attitude to breakaways garnering him legions of fans, myself included, despite him never achieving serious greatness through winning a major classic or tour. This book is a […]

30 January 2017 0 Comments

A Year Powered by Etixx

Note: all the products reviewed below were won in a competition except where noted. No-one from Etixx has asked me to write this post or has requested editorial input. Product links provided are to the Etixx website and there are no affiliate marketing codes included if you follow them. Last year a couple of very […]

30 January 2017 0 Comments

Dry January

Talk to any cyclist and one of the things they most crave for is a dry January. Not in the sense of laying off the alcohol, you understand, but the lack of precipitation. Rain in summer is one thing, but throw in the cold and dark winter days and nothing is more likely to keep […]

13 January 2017 0 Comments

This is not an exercise in nostalgia

So what’s a gig review doing on a personal triathlon blog? I’ll justify it by saying that Bristol’s finest rockers, and indeed, rollers have powered more training sessions of mine than I care to recall. If you are not familiar with the Blue Aeroplanes then you have been missing out on one of Britain’s best […]

3 January 2017 0 Comments

Pushed the button

After weeks of umming and aahing about 2017’s race season I pushed the button on my entry into Ironman UK on 16th July. Someone asked me if I hadn’t found a new challenge yet. My answer is simple. In five previous races I have yet to put together a “perfect race”. It took four races […]

31 December 2016 0 Comments

Ending the year on a high

Last January I set myself a target of 1300km running and 5000km cycling. Both targets were a significant increase on the last 4 years efforts so would be quite challenging. My achilles injury of 2012 had taken two years to recover properly from and I was pleased to hit 1000km in 2015, probably the first […]

16 December 2016 0 Comments

2016 – a solid if not spectacular season

2015 had been all about returning to Ironman racing, and at the time I reckoned it to be my toughest season yet. To top that experience I had decided that 2016 would be another year of Ironman, but this time I would be racing in Bolton. Having been a member of COLT (City of Lancaster […]

6 December 2016 2 Comments

Finishing with a whimper

Throughout October I had been a model of consistency, running every day of the month. Once the days darkened into November things took a different turn. With a target to hit of 5,000km cycling for the year I thought I’d better jump on my bike to have any hope of meeting it. It was a […]

2 November 2016 0 Comments

31 runs in 31 days

In late September two things were happening: Ben Smith was close to completing his incredible 401 marathons in 401 days challenge (he finished on October 5th) and a friend of mine, Raj, was close to notching up his 300th day of consecutive runs (he’s still going strong). Earlier this year I blogged about Raj and […]

18 October 2016 0 Comments

Last Lancaster Trail Half?

Over the last few years the Lancaster Trail Half Marathon has become my traditional end of season race. This year’s however, may well be the last, as the field has been getting smaller every year. I’m not sure why this would be, as it’s an excellent course, mostly flat with a bit of a sting […]

25 September 2016 0 Comments

The Wiggins Thing

I’ve been a long standing fan of Bradley Wiggins but the recent revelations about his use of anti-allergy injections prior to Grand Tours is troubling. A few observations: based on the assumption that Wiggins suffers from hayfever: Are we saying that elite athletes can’t receive treatment for allergies/asthma etc? Should athletes have a right to […]

18 September 2016 0 Comments

A Trip To The Seaside

When imagining a traditional seaside resort it is hard to think of a more quintessentially English one than Weymouth. With its beautiful Esplanade full of hotels and guest houses; Punch and Judy; proper caf├ęs and ice cream parlours (Rossi’s was founded in 1937 and, judging by the queues, is still going strong) it’s easy to […]

16 September 2016 0 Comments

Like a moth to the flame

Like a moth to the flame I am drawn to any blog, newspaper article concerning cycle safety. I often can’t help myself and try to engage with the more ignorant and hateful comments in the inevitable bile that follows such posts. It’s rarely worth it. For the record, as part of my job I drive […]