7 September 2017 0 Comments

Spare your outrage!

The huge media interest in the Charlie Alliston case (even the Guardian couldn’t help itself and used emotive language in its headline on the conviction) is providing a completely skewed and anti cycling bias. Internet trolls have been given free rein to let loose their views on blogs, twitter and newspaper articles. Even Mrs May […]

16 September 2016 0 Comments

Like a moth to the flame

Like a moth to the flame I am drawn to any blog, newspaper article concerning cycle safety. I often can’t help myself and try to engage with the more ignorant and hateful comments in the inevitable bile that follows such posts. It’s rarely worth it. For the record, as part of my job I drive […]

23 May 2016 0 Comments

Is it possible to be a cyclist and not be a little bit angry?

A few weeks ago I was riding with a friend up a big hill on the Wrynose or Bust sportive. As we were on a quiet, wide main road with excellent visibility and it was 10 o’clock on a Sunday morning we judged it safe to be riding 2 abreast (as we had been doing […]

17 December 2012 0 Comments

Mr Angry from Surrey and the role of the PCC

This morning I was sitting in a traffic jam on the A59 just outside Burscough listening to Radio 5, as usual (listening to Radio 5, that is, not sitting in a traffic jam near Burscough). There was a piece which held my interest because it was an interview by Victoria Derbyshire with three of the […]

28 November 2012 0 Comments

Increasing the speed limit for HGVs and a lack of interest by my MP

Just over 2 weeks ago I came across the Government proposal to increase speeds for HGVs on single carriageway way roads from 40mph to 45mph. Given that any increase in speed limits on single carriageway roads must make such roads more dangerous for vulnerable road users such as horse riders, pedestrians and cyclists I was […]

2 February 2012 0 Comments

Times publishes manifesto to prevent cycling deaths

After a spate of recent accidents involving death and critical injury to cyclists The Times has launched a manifesto for cycling safety. In part this was prompted by the critical injury to one of their own staff: Mary Bowers. Nevertheless, whatever the motive it’s a welcome change to the usual cyclist bashing nonsense that appears […]