5 April 2017 0 Comments


Just when I’m thinking I need to up the ante with racing and training up pops an email in my inbox informing me that the Bigland or Bust sportive that I had intended to ride at the end of April has been cancelled. The organiser cited lack of advance entries as the reason. Having entered […]

27 April 2016 1 Comment

5th Time Lucky

My record at the excellent Wrynose or Bust?sportive is lamentable. I have entered 5 times and my results for the first four are as follows: 2012 – Did not start: illness 2013 – Did not start: last minute family holiday 2014 – Did not finish: chain broke at 105 miles and I was too cold […]

28 March 2016 0 Comments

Hammer Time!

Forgetting your cycling shoes isn’t a great way to prepare for the opening cycle sportive of the 2016 season for me. It led to a frantic dash home followed by a mad dash down the M61 to Poynton and event HQ at Poynton High School. Luckily, Team Torelli had the fastest ever event registration system […]

2 December 2015 1 Comment

My Favourite Triathlons

Updated November 2015 and first published in 2010 These are my favourite triathlons. Most of them I’ve done more than once, and you’ll notice that they are all lake or reservoir swims (except Windsor, which is a river swim, and Wales which is a sea swim). They also all have countryside based bike legs. Not […]

15 October 2010 2 Comments

X Factor v The Ironman

No, not a new Marvel Comics franchise movie, but the situation I faced on Saturday night. My kids love the X factor (and to a lesser degree, Strictly Come Dancing) – note for overseas readers, both are appalling celeb/talent shows with no redeeming features. Fortunately, I had a laptop and a wifi connection so I […]

6 October 2010 1 Comment

Bottled it: season over. 2010 Season Review

The weather forecast for the Oulton Park Duathlon was truly awful and my waning motivation for racing was being sorely tested. Sure enough, when my alarm went off at 5:45 on Sunday morning all I could hear was the rain drumming down. Staying in bed seemed a better option. That’s it, season ended. But it’s […]

4 October 2010 1 Comment

Backed into a corner

Image under a Creative Commons Licence by Jonathan Cohen on Flickr The revelation that Alberto Contador tested positive for a tiny amount of a banned substance at the Tour de France has really backed the sport’s governing body into a corner for a number of reasons: The substance in question, clenbuterol has no lower threshold […]

29 September 2010 3 Comments

Hope for MAMILs everywhere

A couple of months ago my father-in-law sent me a link to an BBC article about the rise of the MAMILs (Middle-aged men in lycra). I could almost hear the chuckles as he hit the send button in his email client. Naturally enough, I knew that the article didn’t apply to me, after all I […]

28 September 2010 1 Comment

Team Sky ? Have the Marginal Gains Amounted to Much?

Team Sky debuted as a British registered pro cycling team at the highest level this year amid much brouhaha, fanfare and not a little controversy. For British cycling fans this was big news: at last we had a team that has avowedly set out its stall to take on the best and win the world’s […]

27 September 2010 2 Comments

A race too far?

At this time of year it’s common for endurance sportsfolk to try and squeeze out every last drop of form from that hard won fitness by adding extra races to the calendar. Its always a bit of a balancing act as the body needs a break, yet when you go out in your bike you […]

24 September 2010 3 Comments

Long distance triathlon in 2011? You never had it so good.

It seems that Ironman distance triathlon is booming in the UK. 2010 saw the first running of the Outlaw Triathlon in Nottingham – very successful by all accounts, but 2011 sees the addition of two major new events as well as the return of an old stager. The choices are as follows: Forestman (New Forest) […]

24 September 2010 4 Comments

The Helmet Debate

It’s compulsory for every cycling blog to wade into the “Helmet Debate” at some point. I nearly did a month ago when the Northern Ireland Assembly were due to debate whether the wearing of cycle helmets should be made compulsory. Now I have to give it my tuppence worth because, apparently, the road charity, Brake, […]

20 September 2010 0 Comments

2:30 missed again

There were aspects of my Tatton race yesterday that were very pleasing. I finished 226th out of 734 starters, which puts me comfortably in the top third. My bike split of 1:03:51 was 70th fastest on the day, again, a good result. With my swim being slightly better than usual, and my transition times reasonable, […]

19 September 2010 0 Comments

A wet day at Tatton Park

I awoke at 5:45am to the sound that every triathlete loves: that of rain drumming a tattoo on the Velux windows. Great. After the previous day’s concerns with security I was already feeling a little low on motivation. Fortunately, the pre race ritual of espresso and toast took over and I was soon whizzing down […]

18 September 2010 4 Comments

A Bit Too Relaxed?

Registration for the Tatton Triathlon was a very relaxed affair. I walked straight up to the table and got my goodie bag, numbers and timing chip – took me all of a minute. I then wandered into transition to find my spot, no ID check then out again. I returned to the car to get […]